Can You Help Us Solve The Mystery Of The Dear Leader's New Suit?

Who made you your clothes, Kim Jong Un? WHO?!

Since he came to power back in 2012, Kim Jong Un has been nobody's idea of a fashion icon.

For years now, every picture of him in public has seen him wearing the exact same outfit, black on black on black, leaving us picturing a vast warehouse of monochrome clothing.

But what's this? Something new caught viewers' eyes when Kim spoke at North Korea's first Congress in decades: a brand new suit.

Well, maybe not that new. I mean, look at the wide lapels — you could launch a non-existent North Korean hydrogen bomb off of those things.

Mr. Kim, you are definitely not quite fashion forward here.

BuzzFeed News assembled a veritable panel of experts* to discuss just who could've designed the reclusive leader's new duds. The consensus so far seems to be that it wasn't made by — or ripped off from — any famous designer that we can determine, though one person called it "very early 90s Hugo Boss, from the fabric and lapels."

After more investigation, we're thinking it was definitely made from the same material as his other suits — in other words, tailor-made locally. If you look at pictures of him wearing his traditional suit style he's always favored, you can see the suiting stripe is the same. Which makes us think it was made out of the same bolt of fabric.

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