A Whole Bunch Of Ravers Were Just Spared Having To Roll On Trump's Head

Because when you think, I feel love for the universe and everyone in this warehouse, you of course think, Donald Trump.

Despite his idiosyncratic speech patterns and general being, President Donald Trump is a known teetotaler.

So the irony is ~pretty rife~ that on Monday, German police released pictures of a haul of drugs they'd seized bearing the US commander in chief's likeness.


According to a Facebook post from the Onsabrück Police, a car heading for Hanover with Austrian registration was pulled over on the highway. When the car was searched, jackpot: orange gold.

There were apparently 5,000 of these little guys in the car. That's a face (get it) value of 11,000 euros ($13,000) and would be worth about 39,000 euros ($49,000) if sold.

Two people were arrested and charged for possession with intent to distribute a foreign leader*.

So if you see these floating around at your next rave, be sure to drink lots of water and always consume the president responsibly.

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