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A Whole Bunch Of Ravers Were Just Spared Having To Roll On Trump's Head

Because when you think, I feel love for the universe and everyone in this warehouse, you of course think, Donald Trump.

Posted on August 22, 2017, at 11:25 a.m. ET

Despite his idiosyncratic speech patterns and general being, President Donald Trump is a known teetotaler.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

In an interview with Fox News after the election, Trump said he'd never had a drink, thanks to his brother's alcoholism. "If you don't start you're never going have a problem. If you do start you might have a problem. And it's a tough problem to stop," the then–president-elect said. He also said he'd instilled a disgust for drugs, cigarettes, and booze in his own kids.

So the irony is ~pretty rife~ that on Monday, German police released pictures of a haul of drugs they'd seized bearing the US commander in chief's likeness.

According to a Facebook post from the Onsabrück Police, a car heading for Hanover with Austrian registration was pulled over on the highway. When the car was searched, jackpot: orange gold.

There were apparently 5,000 of these little guys in the car. That's a face (get it) value of 11,000 euros ($13,000) and would be worth about 39,000 euros ($49,000) if sold.

Two people were arrested and charged for possession with intent to distribute a foreign leader*.

*That's not the actual charge, but it would be great if it was.

So if you see these floating around at your next rave, be sure to drink lots of water and always consume the president responsibly.

20th Century Fox

(Just kidding — please don't do drugs.)