KFC Is Introducing A Burger With A Pink Bun And It's As Weird As You Think

Look upon their works and despair.

KFC has for some reason decided that what it really needs in China is the sort of colored-burger buns that Burger King previously unleashed on Japan.

But we can ignore the black one — black we've seen and tasted before. What's new is this floral-inspired monstrosity dubbed the "Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Burger."

In order to drum up interest in their newest slap to the face of culinary sensibilities, KFC China has been delivering the chicken burgers to celebrities in twee, rose-adorned packaging.

And they are playing up the ~femininity~ of the chicken burger in its ad campaigns, like this GIF posted to WeChat.

That's a common marketing ploy for KFC China, based on this current ad campaign aimed at young women for a literal bucket o' food. Because it's in a pink leopard print bucket, though, it's fashionable.

And KFC does need all the help it can get in China. It used to totally dominate the fast-food market there, but has been losing ground rapidly.

So sure, why not? Pretend that there's actual roses in your burger bun. I guess that counts as a fresh ingredient. Great idea in theory, I suppose.

And at least it looks like a more solid pink in the advertisements than the pink-tinted bun that McDonald's attempted in Japan last year.

But as an actual product it looks...less than rosy. The surface of this one is cracked like the landscape of a chalky, Pepto-Bismol colored planet.

Other users have had slightly better luck, so it appears to be a bit of a crapshoot just how pink your bun is.

So...who's hungry?

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