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Iranians Take To Social Media To Celebrate Nuclear Deal Progress

The announcement that world powers and Iran reached the basis of a deal provoked some celebration from Iranians.

Posted on April 2, 2015, at 4:23 p.m. ET

Iranians watched and waited for most of Thursday for the results of days of negotiations in Switzerland over the country's nuclear program.

Iranian families anxiously waiting for the result of Iran nuclear talks: via @farentaghizadeh #Lausanne

When world powers (known as the P5+1) and Iran announced that they had agreed on the parameters of a deal, the celebrations soon began.

my friends in #Iran are calling each other to go to airport and welcoming @JZarif Iran' FM &his nego team #IranTalks #IranTalksLausanne

Contact in Tehran: "I'm going out to celebrate." #IranTalks #Iran

Heading out to Tajrish square to join the celebrations :) updates to come soon #IranTalks


Iranians texting and tweeting Congrats to each other, quoting famous song "Winter is over." A national sigh of relief! #IranDeal #Iran

While large-scale gatherings were slow to appear on social media, smaller celebrations quickly started popping up.

Iranians gather outside Foreign Ministry in Tehran. #IranTalks via Shamim Mostaghimi

Friends cheering #IranDeal from Tehran

And another one! Here's to your health #IranDeal Salamtiiiii


Celebratory honking ensued.

And was posted to Twitter, even though it is, like other social media, banned in the country.

Tehran, after #IranTalks @bbcpersian @bbcshoma


celebration on #Tehran #Iran just some min ago #IranTalks #IranDeal

And then the crowds started to grow.


@bbcpersian همين الان وليعصر به سمت تجريش خوشحالي مردم از توافق#IranDeal #IranTalksLausanne

Valiasr street #Tehran #Iran People celebrating ##IranTalks #IranTalks #IranDeal

کاربرهای ضدایرانی دارند عکسها را توییت میکنند و حرص میخورند "

Iranians watched the Lausanne press conference announcing details of the Iran deal progress and posted pictures. (Though the cake here is meant to celebrate this user's father's birthday, not the nuclear announcement.)

@bbcshoma امشب هم زمان با تفاهم هسته اي ما تولد هم داريم 😆😆👏👏


And for the first time anyone can remember, Iran's state media carried President Obama's speech in the Rose Garden live, with instant translation into Farsi.

Short video of Obama's statement on #IranTalks, live broadcasted on Iran state TV, seems unprecedented

بی سابقه: پخش زنده سخنرانی باراک اوباما درباره تفاهم هسته ای در لوزان در تلویزیون دولتی #ایران

#barackobama: #Iran and #USA achieved nuke deal#irannucleardeal

This led to some Iranians taking selfies with their screens of the historic broadcast.

#سلفی با #اوباما


Friend of mine in #Iran pinching #Obama's cheek out of sheer joy #IranTalks

Happy Iranians are taking #selfie with @BarackObama right now #IranTalksLausanne #iranwithnosanctions ”

Though, of course, some were more excited than others.

Hosein from Iran is really happy today! #IranTalksLausanne @JohnKerry