Please Look At Steven Segal Lovingly Petting The President Of Belarus's Melons


Steven Seagal has had a pretty great life post–action movie career, what with his becoming BFFs with Russian president Vladimir Putin and other things as well, probably.

But this...this surely blows any of Seagal's recent adventures completly out of the water.

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For those who are confused, that was the former star of [insert whatever Seagal's most popular movie was here] and Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, chatting about produce.

Seagal, who was in Belarus to work with a video game developer, seemed at times uncertain just why he was meeting Lukashenko on his farm, as seen in this picture of him pensively eating a carrot.

Seagal was then forced to awkwardly pat one of Lukashenko's ripe melons, before being made to hold it, exclaim "Wow!" and wonder where his life went wrong.

Anyway, here's a picture of Steven Seagal cradling a dictator's melons.

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