There's A Petition To Make The Turkish Province Of Batman Into The Shape Of The "Batman" Logo

The governor of Batman did not respond to a BuzzFeed News request about the petition to reshape his province to look like the superhero's emblem.

This is a story about Batman.

Welcome to Batman, Turkey!

Batman is both a city and a province in Turkey, and by all accounts is actually really lovely, in a quaint provincial town kinda way.

Like, look at these women hard at work in a Batman factory in this 2011 picture.

And here's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signing a drone at a Batman airbase...for some reason.

Right now, the borders of Batman Province look like this:

That stunning oversight has prompted a user on to launch a petition to get the border of the province changed to a more familiar shape.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the governor of Batman to see what he thinks about the drive. Warner Bros., which owns DC Comics, declined to comment on the project.

This isn't the first time Batman has been in the news for its links to Batman.

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