Look At This French Actor And This Dictator Spending A Day Frolicking In A Field

Gerard Depardieu's surprise visit to his apparent buddy and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's farm has us scratching our heads.

This is a weird one, folks, so stay with us. On the left is the dictator of a former Soviet state. On the right is a former French actor. They are in a field. Using a scythe. For some reason.

So the dictator is Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus since 1994. He's kind of the worst and has been described as the "last dictator in Europe" on multiple occasions. The actor is Gérard Depardieu, who's been in a ton of movies.

Depardieu left France for Russia in 2013 to avoid the taxes that he owed — Russian President Vladimir Putin himself presented the actor with his new Russian passport. He's called Russia a "strong democracy," and praised its annexing Crimea from Ukraine.

It's still not entirely clear, though, why the self-imposed exile is hanging out with the Belorussian strongman at the presidential residence of Ozerny, outside Belarus' capital, Minsk. I mean, it's lovely grounds and all but...

You know what, we're not going to think too hard about this. And we suggest you don't either.

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