This Woman Offered To Be A Stand-In Mom At Same-Sex Weddings And People Love It

"I'm simply doing what I wish someone would have done when I was trying to figure things out, being a woman of faith and a mother with a gay son."

This is Sara Cunningham. She's a mother of two from Oklahoma, who works at an architecture firm.

Sara Cunningham/ Facebook

She's also an ordained minister and an LGBTQ+ advocate. Cunningham told BuzzFeed News that having a gay son has directed her activism.

Sara Cunningham/ Facebook

"I thought, If my son is going to hell for being gay I'm gonna fight for him like my hair is on fire," she said. "Since then I've gotten educated and no longer believe that — so now I've [been] fighting for him and the LGBTQ community like my hair is on fire because I've seen the power of what fear and ignorance can do."

Since 2016, Cunningham has married people all over Oklahoma, including lots of LGBT couples.

Sara Cunningham/ Facebook

On Friday, Cunningham shared a post on Facebook volunteering to attend the weddings of any same-sex couples who don't have support from their parents.

The post has been shared over 7,000 times so far, and people from all over the world have commented on it.

Sara Cunningham/ Facebook

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Cunningham said that she felt inspired to make this offer after talking to lots of same-sex couples whose weddings she's officiated. "The post came from hearing from several same-sex couples — how their parents refuse to attend their wedding, or even acknowledge their relationships."

Sara Cunningham/ Facebook

People are loving Cunningham's heartwarming offer, and so far she's received six ~official~ wedding invitations.

Sara Cunningham/ Facebook

Her post has even inspired moms across the United States to do the same.

Sara Cunningham/ Facebook

Cunningham still can't believe the huge response to her post, but she can understand why so many have been touched by it. "People need hope — I sure do — and we need to be that for each other in any way, shape, or form," she said. "Hope never disappoints."

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We need more moms like Sara Cunningham!

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Sara Cunningham is from Oklahoma. An earlier version of this article said she was from Ohio.