These Photographers Are Risking Their Lives Covering Their Country

As the situation in Venezuela has grown more dire, these photographers have opted to capture the reality on the streets with just their camera to protect them.

While Venezuelans can be found in the streets protesting and being repressed, the TV stations are playing soap operas, entertainment programs, and news broadcasts that don't show reality.

Here are some of the accounts you should follow in order to keep informed, and get around the self-censoring in Venezuelan media right now:

1. Rayner Peña R -- @raynerpenar

3. Francisco Bruzo -- @Bruzco1.

6. Leo Alvarez -- @oelzer.

8. Haracio Siciliano -- @Hsiciliano.

10. Andrea D. Sandoval De Lima -- @Andreadanielas

11. Izugasti -- @Izugasti.

12. Ramzi Souki -- @ramzisouki.

13. Diego Mojica -- @diegomojicafoto.

14. Jairo Gudiño -- @jairogudino.

15. Andrews Abreu -- @andrewsabreu.

16. Carlos Garcia Rawlins -- @rawlins.

17. Francisco Rizquez -- @imfpluss.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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