Woman Buys $500 Fake iPad From Walmart

“There’s a speaker that’s supposed to be on the back, it’s just little painted dots."

The Faux Pad

Suzanne Nassie of Massachusetts bought the above iPad at a Brockton Wal-Mart on Sunday for $499. After she got home and opened the box, it turned out to be a useless piece of plastic.

Nassie described fake pad to CBS Boston:

"This isn't even a real device. Somebody put a phony device in that box."

"There's a speaker that's suppose to be on the back, it's just little painted dots. When I peered inside at the port on the back where you're suppose to charge it, it's just plastic. No metal prongs or anything of that nature."

Wal-Mart has apologized, said they are investigating the incident, and issued Nassie a refund.

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