Michael Jordan Said "The Ceiling Is The Roof" And Nothing Will Ever Again Be The Same

GREATEST OF ALL TIME...at Zen riddles.

Hi! This is Michael Jordan, lachrymose internet meme, star of Space Jam, and the greatest basketball player of all time.

Well, Michael Jordan — who played college ball at the University of North Carolina — made an appearance on Saturday night at the North Carolina vs. Duke game.

And while delivering some inspirational comments at halftime to his alma mater, His Airness (actual nickname...look it up) dropped a motivational bomb of such megatonnage that the shockwaves are still being felt.

"The ceiling is the roof." - Michael Jordan (via @marilyn_payne/@WRALSportsFan)

That's right. Michael Jordan — living legend, human superlative, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom — said, "The ceiling is the roof."

Minds were blown and the ashes of those blown minds created a nuclear winter.

When u realize the ceiling is the roof

I can already see it ... I'ma wake up at 2 am like "I get it! The ceiling ... is the roof."

*Hits Blunt* " Ever realize the ceiling is the roof? "

Some were confused.

"The ceiling is the roof." -Micheal Jordan Wait, what? 🤔

But Michael Jordan told me the ceiling is the roof

Some were hostile.

"The ceiling is the roof". Man I told y'all when MJ was created, God put his basketball attribute at 100 and left everything else at 0.

Michael Jordan also believes that the grass is the ground.

Some were doing the obvious.

When you say the ceiling is the roof and even you have no idea what you're talking about.

But most people just let Michael Jordan's greatness wash over them.

Let's be real. If MJ came up to you and said "the ceiling is the roof" you'd be like...

It didn't make any sense, but if Mike said the ceiling is the roof, the ceiling is the roof. #UNCvsDUKE

I need a t-shirt that says "The Ceiling Is The Roof" and I needed it yesterday. 🐐

So, always remember...

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