23 Photos That Prove Beatles Fans Were Doing The Absolute Most In The '60s

KatyCats and Beliebers ain't got nothing on Beatlemania.


The Beatles arrive at London Airport after their US tour on Feb. 22, 1964. From front: Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr.)

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Hysterical fans are apprehended by police during a Beatles concert in 1964.


Beatles fans collapse on the ground from exhaustion during a concert in 1964.

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Beatles fans attempt to enter the Customs Hall at London Airport by crawling into the baggage conveyor belt in 1964.

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Police carry a hysterical fan out of a Beatles concert in 1964.

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Rain-soaked fans scream farewell to the Beatles as they depart from London Airport in 1966.

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The San Francisco airport after 1,000 Beatles fans came to see the band touch down for the start of their American tour in 1964.


Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is mobbed by fans on the beach in Miami in 1964.

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A group of young women in San Francisco stage a small rally in support of Ringo Starr for US president in 1964.

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Young women model the latest Beatles merchandise in 1964.

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Left: The secretary of the Beatles fan club shows off the hundreds of Valentine's cards sent to the group by their adoring fans in 1964. Right: Workers at the Beatles Fan Club in London empty one of many sacks of fan mail in 1963.

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A sculpture of the Beatles titled "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" on view at the 13th annual Exhibition of the Society of Portrait Sculptors in 1965.

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The Beatles perform live in November 1963.

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Crowds of fans are crammed together to catch a glimpse of the Beatles in 1964.

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A tearful Beatle lover pleads unsuccessfully with a police officer to carry her fan button to Ringo in 1964.

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Screaming Beatles fans watch the band perform live in 1964.

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Beatles fans are treated by paramedics in August 1964.

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A huge crowd gathers outside the Town Hall in Melbourne to greet the Beatles during their tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1964.

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Police hold back a crowd of young fans outside Buckingham Palace in London while the Beatles receive their MBEs in 1965.

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Police run after the fans chasing the car carrying the Beatles from Buckingham Palace in London, in 1965.

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