25 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the heated exchange between President Trump and the Democratic congresswomen known as "the Squad" to the 50th anniversary of the first lunar mission, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.

Leah Millis / Reuters

President Donald Trump puts away talking points about four first-term Democratic congresswomen while answering questions from the media at the White House, July 15.

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

From left: Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley respond to racist remarks by President Donald Trump during a news conference in Washington, DC, July 15.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Protesters mark the five-year anniversary of the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, July 17.

Scott Heins / Getty Images

A large section of Manhattan's Upper West Side and Midtown neighborhoods were left in the dark during a major power outage in New York City, July 13.

Joshua Roberts / Reuters

The Saturn V rocket is projected onto the side of the Washington Monument to mark the 50th anniversary of the first lunar mission, Washington, DC, July 16.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Demonstrators protest against Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló in front of the capitol building in Old San Juan, July 17. It was revealed that he and top aides were part of a private group chat that contained misogynistic and anti-gay messages.

Bloomberg / Getty Images

Demonstrators run following clashes with police officers during a protest calling for the resignation of Gov. Rosselló in San Juan, July 17.

Chris Mcgrath / Getty Images

Riot police shield themselves as protesters throw objects at them as they chase protesters through a shopping mall after dispersing a pro-democracy march in the Sha Tin district of Hong Kong, July 14.

Charles Platiau / Reuters

French Army soldiers hold anti-drone guns during the traditional Bastille Day military parade on the Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris, July 14.

Charles Platiau / Reuters

Franky Zapata on a Flyboard during the traditional Bastille Day military parade on the Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris, July 14.

Rafael Yaghobzadeh / AP

Fireworks illuminate the Eiffel Tower in Paris during Bastille Day celebrations, July 14.

Pool New / Reuters

Workers stand next to an excavator robot during preliminary work in the Notre Dame Cathedral, three months after the major fire in Paris, July 17.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Tenggerese people gather at the crater of Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia, during the Yadnya Kasada Festival, July 18. The festival is the main festival of the Tenggerese people and lasts about a month. On the 14th day, the Tenggerese make a journey to Mount Bromo to make offerings of rice, fruits, vegetables, flowers and livestock to throw them into the volcano's caldera.

Olivia Acland / Reuters

A health worker checks the temperature of a woman as part of the Ebola screening upon entering the General Hospital in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, July 15.

Anatolii Stepanov / AFP / Getty Images

A Ukrainian service member shoots a heavy machine gun during combat with Russian-backed separatists near the town of Dokuchayevsk, July 13.

Abdulaziz Ketaz / AFP / Getty Images

A Syrian rescuer from the Violet NGO runs during airstrikes by Syrian regime forces in Maar Shurin on the outskirts of Maarat al-Numan, Syria, July 16.

Fathi Nasri / AFP / Getty Images

Tunisian civil protection workers recover the body of an African immigrant near the eastern city of Zarzis, July 16.

Ezra Acayan / Getty Images

Relatives weep during the funeral of 23-year-old Jaybee Castor on July 18, in Manila, Philippines. According to relatives, Castor was abducted and later killed by unidentified assailants. Sachets containing crystal meth and a sign accusing him of being a drug addict was found on his body.

Juan Medina / Reuters

The remains of bodies killed in 1937 by forces of dictator Francisco Franco are seen during the exhumation of a mass grave at Los Martires cemetery in Huesca, Spain, July 18.

Sarah Holm / AP

Luis Schmilinsky meets his daughter, Reign Lucia-Ann, for the first time after returning from a seven month deployment aboard the USS Kearsarge in Norfolk, Virginia, July 18.

Rajesh Jantilal / AFP / Getty Images

Northlen Primary school students hold up pictures of former president Nelson Mandela in celebration of his birthday in Durban, South Africa, July 18.

Ed Jones / AFP / Getty Images

Italy's team competes in the highlight routine artistic swimming final during the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, July 15.

Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

A police officer directs sheep crossing the street in Paris, July 17.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

A cosplayer attends the San Diego Comic-Con, July 18.

Handout / Getty Images

A gigantic inflatable sculpture by the artist Kaws is displayed at the Fumotoppara Camping Grounds in Fujinomiya, Japan, July 18.