24 Pictures Of Deep Cleaning Around The World

Around the world, nations are enacting unprecedented sanitation measures to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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Pisa, Italy

Laura Lezza / Getty Images

A worker carries out sanitation operations for the coronavirus emergency in Piazza dei Miracoli near to the Tower of Pisa in a deserted town in Pisa, Italy, March 17. The sanitization service is carried out by four teams in all the districts of the city of Pisa, to sanitize the squares, streets, public areas, sidewalks, and other surfaces exposed to the contact of large flows of people.

Washington, DC

Alex Wong / Getty Images

A member of the cleaning crew cleans the podium at the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, DC, March 20.


Picture Alliance / Getty Images

A worker cleans a pedestrian conveyor belt in the Bundestag, March 25.

Niteroi, Brazil

Getty Images

Agents of the sanitary department clean streets and alleys of the Vila Ipiranga Favela in Niteroi, Brazil, March 25.

Suresnes, France

Thomas Samson / Getty Images

Employees of a cleaning company spray disinfectant on benches in Suresnes, France, a day after a strict lockdown came into effect in France to stop the spread of the coronavirus, March 18.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Michael Tewelde / Getty Images

Cleaning staff disinfect a metro carriage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 20.

Istanbul, Turkey

Bloomberg / Getty Images

Workers spray disinfectant along a street inside the Grand Bazaar to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Istanbul, March 25.

Yangon, Myanmar

Nurphoto / Getty Images

Staff use a water cannon to clean the Shwedagon Pagoda compound in Yangon, Myanmar, March 25.


Tolga Akmen / Getty Images

A worker cleans the handrails inside a London Underground train car, March 25.


Saeed Khan / Getty Images

A worker washes the seating area along Circular Quay in Sydney, March 25.

Long Island, New York

Newsday Llc / Getty Images

A Long Island Rail Road employee disinfects a train car with an eco-friendly cleaner while at the Hicksville, New York, LIRR station, March 19.


Bloomberg / Getty Images

South Korean soldiers wearing protective suits spray the street in the Gangnam district of Seoul, March 5.

Mexico City

Pedro Pardo / Getty Images

Cleaning personnel spray disinfectant at the Central de Abasto wholesale market, the biggest food supply central in Mexico City, March 24.


Raul Arboleda / Getty Images

A worker cleans the streets of Bogota as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus, March 23.

Rome, Italy

Antonio Masiello / Getty Images

A worker drives a tanker truck spraying cleaning liquid to sanitize the Colosseum in Rome, March 24.


Sopa Images / Getty Images

A civil worker disinfectants a shop as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus in Khan Yunis.

Damascus, Syria

Xinhua News Agency / Getty Images

A worker of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carries out a cleaning operation in Damascus, March 21.

Sendai, Japan

Philip Fong / Getty Images

A worker cleans an escalator in the Sendai railway station, March 21.

Lviv, Ukraine

Barcroft Media / Getty Images

Utility people wash the Ploshcha Rynok Square with a disinfectant, March 20.


Sopa Images / Getty Images

Soldiers sweep the main road outside the Grand Palace, March 19.


Orlando Sentinel / Getty Images

Custodial workers from Orange County Public Schools use an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer to deep clean at Wetherbee Elementary School, March 18.

New Delhi

Hindustan Times / Getty Images

DTC cleaning staff chemically disinfect and sanitize Autorickshaws and taxi cabs at the Rajghat Cluster Bus Depot, March 19.

Rockville, Maryland

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Staff and contractors work through the night to clean and disinfect public buses at the Montgomery County Division of Fleet Management Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operation Center in Rockville, Maryland, March 20. All of the county's 378 buses are cleaned and disinfected every night in an effort to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.


Bloomberg / Getty Images

A worker cleans a bench inside a metro station in Moscow, March 19.