21 Incredibly Beautiful Photos Of Afghanistan In The Mid-20th Century

A look back at the history of Afghanistan.

Keystone-France / Getty Images

Afghan women in traditional dress, May 1968.

Pierre Barbier / Getty Images

A potter works on building a zerbaghali, or goblet drum, in Kabul, 1970.

Zh. Angelov / Getty Images

Students at the Polytechnical University of Kabul, 1975.

Henry Burroughs / AP

Children of Kabul are photographed in the street, Nov. 1961.

Francois Lochon / Getty Images

Shoppers make their way through a Kabul market, 1979.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

A group of women leaves the Kabul airport, March 1967.

Pierre Barbier / Getty Images

Young men in Kabul, 1970.

Staff / AFP / Getty Images

A group of medical students at Kabul Medical University, 1962.

Pierre Barbier / Getty Images

A market vendor poses for a portrait in Kabul, 1970.

Dinodia Photos / Getty Images

An Afghan baby girl in the arms of her mother at a general hospital in Kabul, 1965.

Paul Almasy / Getty Images

A group of women makes its way into the Shrine of Ali in Mazar-i-Sharif, 1950.

Pierre Barbier / Getty Images

A caravan of dromedaries stops for a break in the snowy mountains of Nuristan, 1970.

Paul Almasy / Getty Images

A pair of carriages make their way past the Mas'ud III Minaret, east of Ghazni, 1950.

Pierre Barbier / Getty Images

A bus of travelers drives along a dusty road in Afghanistan, 1970.

Pierre Barbier / Getty Images

A ancient fort stands on the road from Kabul to Peshawar, 1970.

Getty Images

A colossal Buddha statue stands carved into the cliffside of the Bamiyan Valley, 1950.

Paul Almasy / Getty Images

Venders and shoppers walk along a street in Ghazni, 1950.

Morse Collection / Getty Images

An Afghani pigeon merchant stands alongside his livestock, perched on the edge of his market stall, in Kabul, 1973.

Henry S. Bradsher / ASSOCIATED PRESS

A busy roadside full of vendors in Kabul, 1961.

Pictorial Parade / Getty Images

Farmers enjoy themselves as they work in the fields, 1960.

Pierre Barbier / Getty Images

A lone vehicle makes its way down a dusty road in Afghanistan, 1970.



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