24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The Special Bonds Of Twins

Each year, thousands of twins descend on Twinsburg, Ohio, for the Twins Days festival to celebrate everything that makes them identical and unique.

Each year in Twinsburg, Ohio, a unique festival celebrates a special bond that only a few can truly understand. Since 1976, Twins Days, considered the largest annual gathering of twins in the world, has attracted thousands of people to celebrate their identical others. The festival is not exclusive to just twins — it also celebrates triplets, quadruplets, multiples, doppelgängers, best friends, non-twins, and everyone in between.

This year, photographer Hannah Thomson attended Twins Days to capture portraits of these unique relationships.

Twins have always been a source of intrigue and inspiration for Thomson. "There are a lot of twins on both sides of my family, young and old, and growing up I was always very curious about this phenomenon," Thomson tells BuzzFeed News. "In my twenties, when I was figuring out my directions in life, I felt like I was struck by lightning when I saw two photographs by the legendary Diane Arbus ('Identical Twins, Roselle, N.J., 1967' and 'Triplets in Their Bedroom, N.J., 1963'). Everything clicked for me and made sense when I saw these photographs."

Here are some of the twins that Hannah Thomson met during this year's Twins Days.

Gabriella and Isabella from Owosso, Michigan

Nina, Ally, Claire, and Lauren from Hudson, Ohio

Jonas, Noah, and Moses

Jeremy, Briana, Brittany, Josh

Briana and Britney from Detroit

Ashley and Amber from Clarion, Pennsylvania

Shron and Shila from Easton, Pennsylvania

Willow and Midori

David and Ryan holding Aurora and Cruz

Martha and Mary

Carmen and Isabella from Rochester, New York

Dawn and Julianne

Geneva and Perrena from Marietta, Georgia

Willow and Aspen from Kuna, Idaho

Viola and Verna from Willow Street, Pennsylvania

Lillian and Livia

Kristy and Katie from New York City

Egypt and Brandi from California

Audrey and Rosalyn from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Maci and Mia from Greenfield, Indiana

Allison and Elsa from Dublin, Ohio

Anna and Awa from Senegal, West Africa

Faith and Grace

Hannah and Hatti from Convoy, Ohio

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