Third Garland Shooting Suspect Arrested By FBI In Phoenix

Federal investigators on Tuesday arrested Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem — also known as Decarus Thomas — in connection to the shooting at May's "Draw The Prophet" contest in Texas.

Federal investigators in Phoenix, Arizona arrested a third suspect in the May shooting at a "Draw The Prophet" contest in Garland, Texas, Tuesday morning, NBC affiliate 12News reported.

BREAKING: FBI in Phx arrests third suspect in #garlandshooting attacks, Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem #12News

A federal grand jury indicted Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem — also known as Decarus Thomas — on weapons and conspiracy charges, as well as lying to investigators. You can read the indictment below.

It is alleged that Kareem supplied guns to Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, the shooters in the attack. The court documents also allege that he travelled to shooting practice in the desert with the pair.

The indictment says that FBI agents met with Kareem two days after police and FBI agents converged on Soofi and Simpson's apartment complex in North Phoenix. Kareem reportedly said he knew nothing of the plan, and did not know Simpson and Soofi.

He is expected to appear in federal court later on Tuesday, 12News reported.

The attack on the Garland "Draw The Prophet" contest took place on May 3, when Soofi and Simpson used assault rifles to open fire on the hotel which was being used as a venue.

A security guard was hit, but survived, and Soofi and Simpson were later shot and killed.