People Love This Amazing Visualization Of Donald Trump's Handshake

The ol' yank 'n' pat.

So, in the last few weeks you may have noticed that the handshake of the President of the United States of America is... interesting.

World leaders have fallen victim to his unusual grasp — with its sudden, aggressive tugging motion, accompanied by a not-at-all-reassuring pat — while others seem to have grown wise to the intricacies of it.

Now, someone has put together an amazing visualization of Trump's handshake, with the president represented by an orange-headed wooden toy, to help you truly understand the anatomy of the unusual greeting.

Anders Ryttar Visualisation / Via Facebook: AndersRyttarVisualisation

The clip has been shared all over since being posted on Wednesday, and was retweeted by author J.K. Rowling on Thursday.

The person behind it is Anders Ryttar, a 35-year-old CGI freelancer from Dalarna, Sweden, who mainly works on animations and product visualizations for ad agencies and companies in Scandinavia.

Ryttar told BuzzFeed News on Thursday: "I had some free time yesterday, and I was amused by Trump's bizarre handshake shenanigans as seen on Reddit."

"I decided to practice character animation by doing this little loop," he said, adding it took him about three hours.

"I'm flattered that so many like it, and it is exciting to see how online virality works in cultural memes such as this. Had someone told me that JK Rowling would retweet it I would have laughed."

He added that the style was inspired by Tool's Adam Jones, and the music videos he made for the band.

When asked about his opinions on the current political situation in the US, Ryttar said: "I hope the US stays cool and everything turns out excellently, but I'm sort of tempted to start stocking up on canned food, ammunition and diesel generators."

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