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U.S. Service Member Reportedly Killed In Shoot-Out With Afghan Soldier

The Afghan soldier was also shot dead Wednesday after he opened fire on U.S. troops.

Posted on April 8, 2015, at 9:09 a.m. ET

A U.S. service member was shot dead by a member of the Afghan army on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. The shooting came after the Afghan soldier opened fire on the troops.

U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in January.
Wakil Kohsar / Getty Images

U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in January.

There are conflicting reports about one of the soldiers shot by the Afghan. NBC News said an American service member died, while the AP said a NATO soldier died.

Officials also said at least three American soldiers were wounded in the attack, eyewitnesses told the AP.

The incident happened in the city of Jalalabad, following a meeting between Afghan tribal leaders and a U.S. Embassy official, according to the U.S. Embassy.

"Right after the U.S. official had left, suddenly an Afghan army soldier opened fire on the U.S. soldiers who were present in the compound," Gen. Fazel Sherzad told the AP.

We are aware that there was an exchange of gunfire involving @ResoluteSupport service members near the provincial governor's compound 1/3

in Jalalabad. The incident took place after a senior U.S. official held a meeting with the provincial governor. 2/3

All Chief of Mission personnel of the visiting party are accounted for. 3/3 #Afghanistan

The attacker has been identified as Abdul Azim, from Laghman province, according to the AP. His motives are not yet clear.

This is the second incident of its kind on American personnel in Afghanistan this year. In January an Afghan soldier killed three American contractors.

And in August 2014, Maj. Gen. Harold Greene was killed by a member of the Afghanistan security forces, becoming the highest ranking U.S. Army officer to be killed in either Afghanistan or Iraq.

In May 2014, President Obama announced that, by the end of 2016, all American troops would be out of Afghanistan.

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