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A Four-Year-Old Girl Boarded A Bus Alone At 3 A.M. Because She Wanted A Slushy

Hey, when the thirst hits you, you gotta quench it.

Posted on March 29, 2015, at 6:36 a.m. ET

CCVTV footage captured the moment when four-year-old Annabelle Mager hopped on a bus in Philadelphia at 3 a.m. by herself, making her way to the store to buy a slushy.

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Little Annabelle didn't make it to her destination, however, as the driver stopped the bus and called the police.

"She knew exactly where she was going," bus driver Harlan Jenifer told local reporters. "So she must've traveled that route before. She had to."

Anabelle's parents, unaware their daughter had left the house, were so pleased to have her back they took her to the local store so she could have her slushy.

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