Throwing Stuff at Bush

Well, that didn't take long. Here's a collection of some of the animated gifs that are being made of Bush getting beaned by stuff in the aftermath of yesterday's shoe-throwing incident. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can send us your own and we'll add it to the collection.

The original, immortalized in .gif.
Bush Shoe Throw 03

This one's just a trifle morbid. I'd take a size 10 shoe over Saddam's severed head any day.
Bush Shoe Throw 08

And here's one with a pie, and a more satisfying ending.
Bush Shoe Throw 06

A decent effort with a beach ball Poké Ball, but nowhere near as good as ...
Bush Shoe Throw 13

Bush Shoe Throw 14

This one's just weird and creepy and I don't like it.
Bush Shoe Throw 01

I'm pretty sure this is a James Bond reference.
Bush Shoe Throw 10

Mario Kart ...
Bush Shoe Throw 04

Mortal Kombat ...
Bush Shoe Throw 09

... and, um, a cat.
Bush Shoe Throw 07

Update: Here is an awesome submission from pupazzo uan!

Update:The World of Warcraft shoe gif is pure genius, even if you're not that into WoW.

And a bonus - not animated, but well played, nonetheless.
Bush Shoe Throw 15

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