The Hutaree Militia

Seven people from an end-times* focused Christian militia group called The Hutaree were arrested last night for selling pipe bombs. Here's some video of them running around like a bunch of schoolboys pretending to be soldiers. Taken, fittingly, from their MySpace page.

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*The plot thickens a bit here. According to TPM, the Hutaree were preparing for an epic battle with the Antichrist (who can presumably be fairly easily defeated by a bunch of lunatics with rifles, which is a relief). When the Antichrist decided to take his sweet time about showing up and engaging with the Hutaree folks, they (allegedly) opted to practice on some cops.

The foiled plan evidently involved killing a police officer, and then massacring the people who showed up for his funeral. Fighting the Antichrist is serious business these days. Nine people have so far been indicted for "seditious conspiracy" in relation to this mess, and a 10th, Joshua Stone, is currently a fugitive.

An Excerpt From The Hutaree's Awesome "BEAST WATCH" page

The Antichrist Doesn't Stand a Chance!