What Do Trump Supporters Mean When They Say "Politically Correct"?

No One Knows Anything, BuzzFeed's politics podcast, visits a Trump rally.

In latest episode of No One Knows Anything, BuzzFeed's politics podcast, we interviewed many Trump supporters at one of the presumptive Republican nominee's rallies in Pittsburgh.

We wanted to know:

What's it like to be a Trump supporter these days?

What do Trump voters' friends think? What does it feel like if your friends say you're a racist?

What do people think Trump means when he says he wants to make America great again?

Anger at "political correctness" drives many Trump supporters we talked to. But what does it really mean to them? Here are a few answers:

Jeff Henzler, a small businessperson from the Pittsburgh area:

"White people represent many different kinds and creeds, religiously and politically, but yet it seems like every other ethnicity... seems to get a free card to say whatever they want and be completely accepted. But whenever I and many other people that might be sympathetic to the larger group of people say something, automatically it's racist. It's hypocritical and it's wrong."

Linda Mistovich, who was among those who got in line hours before Trump's arrival at a private air hangar near the Pittsburgh International Airport:

"The only thing that you're allowed to tolerate is left issues. They have to be tolerated. If you're coming from the right it's hate, it's bigotry, it's intolerance. People that come from faith-based values — you're not allowed to have an opinion. Even if you express it nicely and politely and kindly.

"The world has changed and I don't want my child... she's be raised in a post-9/11 world. She's never known pre-9/11. I want my child to know pre-9/11. And the rate we're going now, it's never going to happen."

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