People Are Loving These Cute Photos Of Michelle Obama Hugging George W. Bush

True Detective Season 3.

Today was the opening of the National Museum Of African American History And Culture (NMAAHC), and it's also the day this moment happened:

My favorite little moment today: @FLOTUS greets former President George W. Bush at @NMAAHC Opening. #APeoplesJourney

First Lady Michelle Obama wrapped George W. Bush in an adorable hug.

And he tilted into that hug, letting the hug wash over him.

Who doesn't want a Michelle Obama hug?!

And people took notice:

We're gonna be OK, you guys. WE'RE GONNA BE OK:

I think Laura Bush and Michelle Obama have made a pact to always sit George W. Bush between them at national events...

@kennerly This is what America is! we disagree but we don't hate! @NMAAHC @BankofAmerica

I love this picture. This may be sappy but this says America to me.

More hugs, please!

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