15 Climate Change Facts That You'll Know Are True If You're Not An Idiot

Let's not all get swallowed by floods and eviscerated by drought, ya know?

1. Let's clear this up: the overwhelming majority of climate scientists — aka the experts — believe that climate change is REAL, happening, and is caused largely by humans.

2. Earth is getting hotter. And the average temperature has increased by 1.5°F over the last century.

3. This is a problem not only because blast furnace summers would suck, but because these changes in temperature — which might seem small — can lead to dangerous changes in climate and weather.

4. An estimated 82 million people will endure increases in wildfires due to climate change.

5. Scientists estimate that by 2050 over a million species will face extinction if we continue at the projected rate of global warming.

6. A 2015 study found that these increases in temperature will lead to plants having fewer days to grow and potentially less crops for us to consume.

7. It's predicted that sea levels will rise between a foot and and 8.2 feet by 2100. To put that in perspective, if the levels rise by just three feet, 4.2 million American homes would be at a flood risk.

8. Wild polar bears are facing extinction unless we decrease our levels of greenhouse gases.

9. In 1850, Glacier National Park in Montana was home to over 150 glaciers. Today it has just 25, and is expected to lose all of its glaciers to global warming by 2030.

10. As of 2015, over 40% of the world's coral reefs have been killed off due to global warming, which could lead many plants and animals toward extinction.

11. In terms of CO2 emissions (aka global-warming pollution), the US is pretty terrible. While me make up just 4% of the world’s population, we produce 16% percent of all global CO2 emissions.

12. The two biggest sources of these gases in the US are coal-burning power plants and transportation.

13. And if we want to reduce the warming temperatures in the ocean, the only way to do that is to radically decrease our emission of greenhouse gases.

14. Luckily, there are actual ways you can help save our planet and cut down on global warming, including small changes like buying LED lightbulbs, making sure your tires are fully inflated, turning off the lights when you leave, and recycling.

15. Making changes aren't easy, but together we can all make a big difference and, ya know, save the planet.

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