Vans Is Releasing A "Toy Story" Collection And I'm So Excited I Might Puke

Yes, they have ~Andy~ written on the sole.

Vans has announced it will be releasing a Toy Story collection this week, and needless to say, PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT.

The collection will be available on Oct. 7 (i.e., FRIDAY), with a range of styles inspired by the classic characters.

Coming soon: The Vans x Disney β€’ Pixar Toy Story Collection.

You hearing about the new Toy Story Vans:

Woody has inspired three styles: a pair of cowboy boot high-tops; cow skin, brown leather, and denim Old Skools; and "rootin' tootin'" Woody art Authentics.

There is also a Buzz Lightyear design that GLOWS IN THE DARK.

Sick photo of Buzz and his Toy Story Vans Old Skool.

When the lights go off, glow-in-the-dark stars and elements appear.

For adults with a dark side, there's a Sid's mutant toys-inspired design.

But if Little Bo Peep and the rest of Andy's toys (shout-out to my all-time favourite, Hamm) are more your thing, there are designs for you too.

tell me the pink Toy Story x Vans Bo Peep vans aren't totally my aesthetic

Woah, the new Toy Story @VANS_66 with the "ANDY" scrawl under the foot... JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE GUYS!?

We're all very excited.

Me looking at the new Toy Story @VANS_66 😍😍

Like, really, really excited.


Even people who aren't normally excited are excited.

Vans and Toy Story is the only collab ive ever been excited for.

So how do you think I, a highly excitable human, am holding up? Answer: not well.

And also we're maybe a little emotional too.

the fact that vans is coming out with toy story shoes makes me so happy I could cry, the movies have such a special place in my heart

Because even though Toy Story first came out in 1995 and we're all grown up now, we'll never forget Woody and the gang.

So make sure you head to your nearest Vans store tomorrow to grab a pair!

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