Trump's Economic Speech Was Interrupted By A Series Of Protests

Trump's speech was interrupted 14 times in 50 minutes as protesters made remarks about Trump's attitude toward sexual harassment and auto industry jobs.

Donald Trump was consistently interrupted by protestors 14 times Monday during his nearly hour-long speech on economic policy in Detroit, Michigan.

The protestors were scattered throughout the audience, and stood up to yell about every five minutes. Each time they were booed or drowned out by Trump supporters and removed by security.

Most of the demonstrators belonged to a group of Michigan women protesting Trump's statements on sexual harassment and auto industry jobs in Detroit, according to a press release.

Here's the group that coordinated the protests today --> protesting Trump's stance on sexual harassment, auto jobs

"Why are you blaming the victims of sexual harassment," one protester, identified as Sarah Messer, yelled. "Why shouldn't women be safe at our work, it's not our fault!"

The protestors were referencing Trump's 2015 comments where he suggested closing auto plants in Michigan and Ohio and moving them to states with lower wages to cut labor costs.

They also addressed Trump and his family's more recent comments on sexual harassment. Trump said that if his daughter, Ivanka, was sexually harassed at work, she should quit. Ivanka's brother Eric said she wouldn't "allow herself" to get harassed.

Trump stayed relatively calm during the interruptions. During the third one he said that Bernie Sanders protesters had "more energy."

In the past Trump has told protestors to "get out," and has told his supporters to not "hurt 'em." In February in Las Vegas, Trump said he's like to "punch him in the face" — referring to a protester.

One of multiple protesters is escorted out of Donald Trump speech in Detroit.

On Thursday, during a rally in Maine, Trump was interrupted about five times by protesters. At one point he said, "I kinda miss my protesters."

This time the GOP nominee just paused and said, "Thank you," as his supporters drowned out the critics.

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