This Tumblr Perfectly Captures The Rampant Sexism In The Film Industry

"I only hired her to see if her bush is as red as her hair. I think it's fake."

Over the past few years, people have become increasingly aware of the disparity between men and women in the film industry.

Whether its through shocking statistics, or increasing awareness of the sexist questions women in film are constantly asked by reporters, many people are starting to get the picture.

Yet with all this awareness, being a woman in the film industry doesn't seem to be getting much easier. And that's where this Tumblr comes in.

Women and men in the film industry were invited to anonymously submit their stories about the way they've been or seen women be treated.

When the anonymous blog was launched last week, the administrator said they received "a year's worth of submissions" in the first night alone.

The submissions came from women of all different positions and levels of experience.

As well as from women from all over the world.

Some people responded in disbelief.

Others just didn't really seem to get it.

But some men felt moved to apologize on behalf of their entire sex.

Still, it is clear the administrators of this blog do not want to discourage women from entering the world of film.

In fact, it appears as if they want the exact opposite.

And for at least one reader, it seems to be working.

So keep on keepin' on movie queens.

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