Twitter Might Expand Its Tweet Character Limit To 10,000

Just when you finally got off Facebook...

Twitter is considering changing its tweet character limit from 140 to as high as 10,000, BuzzFeed News confirmed Tuesday.

The 10,000 character limit isn't final, but it would presumably be taken from the limit for Twitter direct messages – which saw its 140 character limit lifted last year. Sources familiar with Twitter's thinking spoke to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity.

Though the launch date is not set in stone, Re/code reported that it's targeted for the end of the first quarter, which ends March 31.

The potential extension also reportedly will not turn user feeds into a series of long, Facebook-ish rants from distant relatives. An option the company is reportedly considering is only showing the first 140 characters of the tweet, then giving a "see more" option for the user to click through to the other 9,860.

But in response to concerns from users, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted a statement Tuesday outlining the logic behind the potential character expansion.

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