People Stuck In Traffic For Three Hours Turned The New Jersey Turnpike Into A Concrete Beach

Nothing like a good traffic jam to work on your late-summer base tan.

After a dump truck overturned beneath an overpass on the New Jersey Turnpike Tuesday morning, becoming fully engulfed in flames, authorities shut down the highway.

Thousands of people were reportedly stuck in gridlock traffic for over three hours before the cars were slowly rerouted in the other direction.

@heatherorourke7 view from exit 9 on #njturnpike

The fire began after the truck struck the overpass and turned over on its side at around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, the Associated Press reported.

One person inside the overturned dump truck was killed in the crash, state police said. Their name would not be released until family members were notified.

Turnpike: We are able to confirm that there is one fatality now that rescuers have been able to get into the dump truck.

Drivers were at a standstill while authorities responded to the crash and assessed the damage, but resourceful people of the highway made the best of a beautiful day and decided to take the time to catch up on their tanning game.

Lounging on the NJ Turnpike. Making the best of it waiting out the crash in Linden NJ #Linden

Other people, like these heroes, took a more active route and began games of Traffic Jam Football...

...or Bumper-to-Bumper Baseball.

@News12NJ People playing baseball on the turnpike while waiting out the crash in Linden NJ #Linden

These party animals hosted backseat dance parties to topical tunes such as "The Traffic Song" by Brant Hansen.

While some just kept at their morning paper reading routine, traffic or no traffic.

Stuck on the #njturnpike. People are mingling and walking around. 😏

Leave it to the Garden State to make the best of a bad situation.

TRAFFIC so BAD on #NJTurnpike right now people are SUNBATHING. Truck fire in #Linden

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