A Dude Caught A Lobster That's Blue AF

No seriously, it's not just kind of blue. It's like, seriously BLUE.

Meet Wayne Nickerson. Nickerson is the owner and captain of a boat called the FV Windsong, his wife Jan wrote on Facebook.

On Aug. 8, 2016, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Wayne caught a blue lobster. You might be like, so what? Lobsters are lots of different colors sometimes. No. This lobster is BLUE.




Still not impressed? Well, the almost 5,000 other people who shared it with their friends and family on Facebook disagree with you.

The Nickersons were so aware of how special Bluey McBluerson was that they decided not to let him go the way of his lobster compatriots, and instead gave him a nice home in a tank, Jan said.

"The lobster went to a nice cool tank so he wouldn't die," she wrote in a Facebook comment on the photo. "He is fine...healthy and happy."

Jan also wrote of her and her husband's joy over McBluerson's newfound fame, saying it was "exactly what we had hoped."

"That his beauty and how amazing nature is, could be seen by people who don't experience the same things local fisherman observe," wrote Jan.

Hope the transition into captivity was not too traumatic, my cobalt friend, and that you live a long and happy life in all your blueness.

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