There's A Pro-Settler Israeli Miley Cyrus Parody Called "Jews Can't Stop"

"We gonna fight all night, 'til we get our birthright, alright."

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The song's creator/lead singer Orit Jean Arfa posted this explanation on YouTube along with the video:

Miley Cyrus raised eyebrows and tongues with her hyper-sexual performance of her hit "We Can't Stop" at the MTV Video Music Awards. But concerned Jewish parents need not fear! A new video take on Miley's song has channeled her defiant spirit towards a worthy cause: defending Jewish rights to live and thrive in the land of Israel. Jews can't stop building, loving, praying, doing what we want in their land, in their homes. Too quote Miley, "Only God can Judge ya. Forget the haters, cuz Somebody loves ya.

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly is the worst thing in this video. Is it the bulldozer dancing?

This "sexy" shot?

The questionable decision to have two guys wearing bathrobes?

Pole dancing on a sign referencing God and the promised land?

Or this moment? Actually, this moment is probably the worst.