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The Royal, Unborn Baby Already Has A Wikipedia Page

The Royal, Unborn Baby Already Has A Wikipedia Page

Prince William and Kate Middleton's child seems to be the first person to get a Wikipedia page before being born.

Posted on July 2, 2013, at 2:08 p.m. ET

The Wikipedia page for the (unborn) "Child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge" was created on June 27 and it's already pretty extensive.

The discussion comments on the page's revision history reveal that even the people creating and updating the entry think the whole thing's a little bit weird.

June 28: Wikipedia user Surtsicna writes:

It must be admitted that having an article about an unborn person is rather bizarre. On the other hand, it is "the world's most famous baby". If the article is going to stay, let's make something out of it.

June 29: Surtsicna writes:

Please let's avoid treating the subject as if it were already born. The article is bizarre enough without that. The subject of the article might still be seen as the pregnancy and the expected birth rather than the foetus itself.

June 30: Surtsicna writes:

I hope this is the right way to word it. I wouldn't want it to say that a 70-year-old man will give birth to the baby.

July 1: Lugnuts adds the page to to the "Living people" category and writes:

the child is either alive or dead, and as it's not the latter, it must be the former. plus this puts it in the BLP [Wikipedia's biography of living persons] category.