The Editor's Notes On Milo Yiannopoulos's Awful Book Are Absolutely Incredible

The comments include "Don't make fun of school shooters"; "This entire paragraph is just repeating Fake News"; and "NO!"

Alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos sued publishing company Simon & Schuster for breach of contract for canceling the publication of his book, Dangerous, in July.

Last week, the publishing company submitted documents to the New York County Court to support their claim that the manuscript had substantial problems — before the public outcry surrounding Yiannopoulos's book deal. Among these documents was an early copy of Dangerous, along with notes from editor Mitchell Ivers.

According to his biography on Simon & Schuster, Ivers has edited the books of many influential conservatives, including former vice president Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and even Donald Trump.

Sarah Mei appears to have been the first person to actually dig up the document and go through it. Her thread of some of the *choice* quotes from the edits quickly went viral on Twitter.

I didn’t read the manuscript. Just the comments. They’re...amazing. Even better than the excerpts in the filing. A…

And in a now-deleted tweet he posted yesterday, Ivers retweeted a criticism of Milo's draft.

(This is the tweet he retweeted.)

BuzzFeed News combed through the 267-page document and picked out some of the editor's quotes. Here's what we found.

There are many notes about needing more citations, accuracy, and "intellectual rigor" in the draft.

And the author's ego.

By a certain point, the editor seems to have lost all patience with Milo.

The words "hogwash" and "hooey" make an appearance.

He doesn't really hold back.

And here's a wrap-up letter, included in the court filings, where Ivers says about the "feminist chapter": "you will need to develop a stronger argument against feminism than saying that they are ugly and sexless and have cats," among other notes.

BuzzFeed News reached out to Yiannopoulos for comment on this story and received the following statement:

“‘Don’t quote me but you done good’ is what Simon & Schuster told me about my manuscript barely two days before dumping my book in February in breach of contract. S&S executives also quoted Hollywood agents who said I’d shift half a million copies and agreed with me about the ‘virtue-signaling’ Left.”

He also included screenshots of what he said were messages exchanged between him in Ivers in February, before his book deal was canceled:

Here's the full manuscript. Look for yourself!

The comments included in this story have been highlighted in the document so you can find the context.

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