Yes, Prince Charles Actually Did Breakdance In Public And There's Video

THAT scene from The Crown actually happened! (Mild spoilers for Season 5 of The Crown.)

Episode 5 of the newest season of The Crown, titled “The Way Ahead,” ends with a scene of then-Prince Charles breakdancing at a charity event — and, believe it or not, that moment in the show is based on something that really happened.

Prince Charles dancing in s5 of The Crown

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On March 29, 1985, Charles attended a workshop that had been organized by the charity he founded, the Prince’s Trust, in a village called Middleton-on-Sea, according to a Press Association story published two days later. According to the story, Charles was “persuaded to attempt breakdancing with three of the youngsters, and moved his legs in slow robotic imitation, even getting down on his knees.”

The magical moment was captured by photographers — and video cameras.

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Here’s an excerpt from the Press Association story about what when down:

After chatting to many of the youngsters, the Prince went to their disco, where the darkened room, flashing lights and noise were a problem for royal security men.

Scantily clad dummies of girls hung in cages around the room as the Prince watched the dancing.

Then, blonde 20-year-old Nikki Rutland approached the Prince and said "Excuse me, sir, would you like to dance?"

"Yes," replied the sombre-suited Prince, who went on to the dance floor asking, "What sort of music do you call this?"

"Disco music, sir," replied Nikki, as they danced together. Nikki's verdict afterwards: "He was quite good."

Dwayne Smith, 21, from Ireland, who was giving a display of break-dancing with two other youths, persuaded an at first reluctant Prince to join them.

"He said "No' he could not do it, but I said “Come on'," Dwayne said. "He asked me to give him some dancing lessons."

"He's very good. He got his foot movements right."

A photographer snapped a picture of Smith’s dance lesson with the future king:

However, there’s one key thing that The Crown didn’t get right — the timing. The show places the breakdancing moment in the ’90s, when it actually happened in the previous decade.

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