An Oscars Producer Revealed Their “Only Hesitation” About Bringing Back Past Winners To Present The Acting Awards, And It Makes Complete Sense

“We wanted them to feel personal,” a producer revealed. “We wanted it to feel like a friend speaking on your behalf.”

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This year’s Oscars saw the comeback of the “Fab Five” presenting format — whereby five past winners returned to pay tribute to each acting nominee in the four acting categories before crowning the next recipient.

Five actresses with Oscars on stage, each spotlighted by historical winner portraits in the background

If you’re familiar with the Academy Awards, you’ll know that the format was first and last used at the 2009 ceremony, where it was an absolute hit with those in the audience and viewers at home.

Five women on stage at an award shows

Since then, fans have been begging for the “Fab Five” concept to make a return, and in February it was confirmed that the show’s producers were finally going to give the people what they’d been asking for.

Emma Stone accepting her Oscar the other five past winners
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Much to viewers’ delight, Sunday’s ceremony welcomed back 20 past winners to individually honor the acting nominees in the four categories, with each group led by last year’s recipient.

Five actors on stage at an awards show, each holding a trophy, with large portraits of them in the background

After years of waiting, most viewers were thrilled to see the beloved format come back to life as each nominee shared a personal moment with a former winner. However, not everyone was so pleased with the concept, with some fans criticizing that the spoken tributes replaced the movie clips typically shown of each nominated performance.

Five standees of men in different outfits on a stage, from formal attire to casual and novelty wear

And amid the mixed reactions, an Oscars producer has explained the decision to skip the performance clips in favor of the “Fab Five” concept, revealing that it was their primary concern about reviving the format.

Emma Stone takes a group photo with her five presenters

If you’ve watched this year’s ceremony, you’ll know that each former winner spoke a few lines about each nominee, honoring their performance, life, and career. And according to Molly, most of the presenters wrote the tributes themselves.

Five actors take a group photo with winner Cillian Murphy

The "Fab Five" concept delivered a ton of sweet moments throughout the ceremony, though one of the most talked-about tributes was Lupita N’yongo’s heartfelt speech about Best Supporting Actress nominee Da’Vine Joy Randolph — who, of course, went on to win the award a few moments later.

Group of six people at an event, one person holding a trophy, all dressed in formal attire

And according to Oscars showrunner Raj Kapoor, it was moments like those that made them want to revive the "Fab Five" format in the first place.

Cillian Murphy hugging Matthew McConaughey as he accepts his Oscar as Nicholas Cage looks on

You can read Molly’s full interview with Variety here. And this is where you can check out all of our other Oscars content.

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