Vanessa Hudgens Said She’s “Grateful” She Broke Up With Austin Butler Because It “Catapulted” Her Toward “The Right Person”

Vanessa and Austin split in 2020 after nearly nine years together.

Take it from Vanessa Hudgens — everything happens for a reason.

Vanessa smiling in a black off-shoulder outfit and gloves at Fashion Awards event

You might remember that in January 2020, a lot of people were left shocked by the news that Vanessa had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Austin Butler.

Vanessa, in a sequined dress, smiles on the red carpet with Austin, who is wearing a tuxedo with a bow tie

Their split was reported around the time that Austin headed to Australia to start work on Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biopic, and numerous reports suggested that the demands of the role may have been the catalyst for the breakup.

Vanessa and Austin standing together

Funnily enough, it was actually Vanessa who first encouraged Austin to pursue the role after noticing that he bore a striking resemblance to the rock ’n’ roll icon while they were still together.

Vanessa Hudgens sits on a sofa wearing a sleeveless patterned dress, posing for a photo

As we now know, Elvis wound up massively boosting Austin’s career, earning him his first Oscar nomination. And while Vanessa wasn’t by his side to experience the success of the hit film, she recently said that everything worked out for the best.

Vanessa smiling in a strapless ruffled dress and Austin in a classic suit at a media event

Appearing on the She Pivots podcast this week, the High School Musical star reflected on her heartbreaks and said she gained a lot from her split from Austin.

A close-up of Vanessa smiling and waving at an event

Namely, she said the end of the relationship led her to find her now-husband, MLB player Cole Tucker, whom she met by chance during a Zoom meditation group in 2020.

The couple posing together on the red carpet: Cole in a classic suit and Vanessa in a satin gown with a thigh-high slit

Since they parted ways, Vanessa has given very little insight into her breakup with Austin or the reasons for it. However, once she’d met Cole, she recalled that the split forced her to totally reevaluate her approach to relationships in order to find someone she fully aligned with.

Vanessa with long hair, posing in lace attire

Meanwhile, Austin has been dating model and actor Kaia Gerber since 2022, and for his part, it sounds as if he has nothing but love for his ex.

A close-up of Austin in a suit jacket at a media event

After being widely criticized for failing to properly credit Vanessa for inspiring him to take on Elvis while he was promoting the movie last year, Austin recently cleared up speculation about any animosity between them.

Austin with tousled hair wearing a blazer over a casual top, looking at the camera

You can listen to Vanessa on the She Pivots podcast here.

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