Travis Kelce Dropped A Major Hint About When He And Taylor Swift First Met, And Here’s How It Fits Into The Timeline Of Their Relationship

It’s all adding up…

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In early July, Travis Kelce made his first move on Taylor Swift, and by late September, she was cheering him on at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Taylor in the VIP lounge cheering for Travis

And while their budding relationship has unfolded quickly and very publicly, we still don’t know exactly when the pair first met.

The couple holding hands as they walk out of a building at night

For a bit of context, Travis said in a July 26 episode of his podcast, New Heights, that he tried — and failed — to give Taylor his number when he went to watch the Eras Tour at Arrowhead earlier that month.

Travis holding a microphone onstage while wearing a bucket and a matching jacket
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Things went a little quiet from this point onward, and it wasn’t until Sept. 12 that an anonymous source told the Messenger that the two were “quietly hanging out.”

Close-up of Taylor at a media event

At the time, these claims were received with a fair amount of skepticism, particularly after Entertainment Tonight followed up with their own report claiming that the two were not officially dating.

Close-up of Travis smiling and wearing sunglasses and a suit jacket

However, the doubters were soon proved wrong when Taylor showed up to watch Travis’s football game on Sept. 24 — and the rest is history.

Close-up of Taylor applauding in the stadium's VIP lounge

So with this information, it’s not out of the question that Taylor and Travis first started hanging out in early September in the period after he tried to shoot his shot and before the dating rumors surfaced.

Close-up of Travis at a media event

Although...Travis just dropped a vital hint about their first encounter that suggests they may have crossed paths sooner than we thought.

Travis and Taylor walking away from a car

In a Chiefs press conference on Oct. 20, a reporter asked Travis to give some advice to fans who might be planning to use his and Taylor’s relationship as inspiration for Halloween costumes later this month.

Close-up of Travis in his NFL uniform, including helmet, holding a football

The NFL star responded by saying that anybody hoping to dress as him should know that his facial hair is a vital component of the outfit.

Close-up of Travis in his NFL uniform, without the helmet

“The mustache is slowly starting to disappear, but I’ll tell you what, man, that ’stache and the 87 jersey was pretty iconic there for a little bit,” he said before revealing, “I had it when I met Taylor for the first time.”

Close-up of Travis in his NFL uniform, without the helmet

In the event that you haven't been closely following the development of Travis’s facial hair over the past few months, he debuted a new look midway through the Chiefs’ preseason training camp on Aug. 2.

Close-up of Travis in training with a 'stache

Despite mixed reactions, Travis kept the ’stache throughout August and September but now seems to be returning to his typical look as he grows out his beard again.

Close-up of Travis with a 'stache and slight beard

So with this new insight, it’s actually possible that Travis and Taylor crossed paths as early as August, which would make sense, given how quickly their relationship seems to have progressed since their first public appearance in September.

Close-up of Taylor in the VIP lounge with his mom clapping

Over this weekend, Taylor made her fourth Chiefs game day appearance as her relationship with Travis continues to get more and more serious.

Close-up of Taylor in the VIP lounge with Brittany Mahomes

And it’s not just Travis with whom Taylor seems to be bonding. This week, the singer was also seen again with Patrick Mahomes’s wife, Brittany Mahomes, and their kids — with the duo even sharing a sweet handshake as they celebrated a touchdown together.

Close-up of Taylor in the VIP lounge clasping hands with Brittany
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