Timothée Chalamet Said Zendaya Is A “Great Example” Of How Actors Should Be Dressing On Movie Press Tours, And He’s Not Wrong

From one style icon to another.

With the actors strike over, Timothée Chalamet was one of the first superstars to get back to work as he hit the road to promote his new movie, Wonka.

Timothée hosting SNL

And with the global press tour now in full swing, Timothée has pulled out all the stops by cleverly embracing the candy-colored themes of the movie in his recent looks.

Timothée in a velvet suit laughing

Kicking off with purple Prada in Japan, followed by a pink Tom Ford suit for this week’s London premiere, the Oscar nominee seems to be taking serious inspiration from Willy Wonka’s iconic purple overcoat — as seen on previous portrayals of the character by Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp.

Timothée in a plasticky lavender suit

More recently, Timothée swapped the pink hues for some shimmer as he seemed to embody a golden ticket in a sheer metallic shirt.

Timmy in a pink velvet jacket

So in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Timothée was asked about his fashion inspo for the press tour, prompting him to reveal that he took notes from another stylish costar of his.

Timmy and Zendaya at a media event

“I feel like Zendaya’s a great example,” he said of his Dune castmate. “In this day and age, you can sort of lean into what the vibe of a movie is in the promotional stuff you do.”

Giving some insight into his vibrant press tour vision board, he added, “This movie is cheerful and fun and colorful.”

Timmy in a lavender plasticky suit in front of fans

Of course, if there’s one thing we know about Zendaya, it’s that she’s gonna serve a fashion moment. And part of the magic behind her promotional red carpet looks has been how she draws links to her movies.

Close-up of Zendaya at the SAG Awards wearing a thick, bejeweled choker necklace

This was perhaps most evident while she was promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021, when she and her stylist, Law Roach, garnered widespread praise for their references to the film in her looks throughout the press tour.

Zendaya in a spiderweb-design spaghetti-strap dress at a media event

From her plunging spiderweb gown by Valentino — complete with a matching Spidey mask — to her sparkling web-inspired blazer by Alexander McQueen, Z’s nods to the titular character didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

Zendaya smiling in a sparkly blazer at a media event

And she even managed to subtly pay homage to some of the franchise’s villains, too, like her Green Goblin–inspired look for The Graham Norton Show, and her memorable Roberto Cavalli “spine” dress, which was chosen as a reference to Doctor Octopus.

Zendaya in a backless outfit at a media event

Needless to say, Timothée is taking notes from the right person — and it’s leaving us excited for what this iconic duo will pull out of the bag when it’s finally time for them to promote Dune: Part Two next year.

Zendaya and Timmy onstage laughing and holding microphones

You can watch Timothée’s full Access Hollywood interview here.

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