Riley Keough Recalled The “Stressful” Moment An Entire Movie Set Got Shut Down After She Nearly Put Andrew Garfield’s Life At Risk

Note to self: No peanuts around Andrew Garfield!!!!!

Riley Keough came clean about a “stressful” — and nearly disastrous — film set slipup involving Andrew Garfield.

Close-up of Riley at a media event

In a new video for Vanity Fair, Riley reflected on a range of memorable moments from her life and career, including some of her best-known acting roles.

Close-up of Riley at a media event

Along with parts in Mad Max: Fury Road and Daisy Jones and the Six, Riley also made a brief appearance in the 2018 indie comedy Under the Silver Lake, opposite Andrew Garfield.

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Given that the movie centers on her character’s mysterious disappearance, Riley acknowledged that she doesn’t have a whole lot of screentime in it — though that didn’t prevent her from shaking things up on set.

Andrew and Riley in a scene from the movie

“I do have a memory on the set…it was actually very stressful,” she recalled. “I was in the makeup trailer and I was eating, like, a granola bar or something, and I was about to shoot a scene where I have to kiss Andrew.”

Close-up of Andrew

While she was enjoying her snack, Riley said that the makeup artist suddenly stopped to ask if the bar contained peanuts. Unsure, Riley replied, “I don’t know.”

Close-up of Riley from the interview

After this, the makeup artist “ran away” in search of the film’s producer, leaving Riley very confused.

Close-up of Riley from the interview

“The producer came in and was like, ‘Riley, Andrew’s very allergic to peanuts and we have to shut the set down,’” the actor said, recalling the moment she learned that she narrowly avoided putting her costar’s life at risk.

Close-up of Riley from the interview

“It was just kind of like, ‘Oh, fuck, that’s crazy,’” she added before expressing gratitude for the eagle-eyed makeup artist who caught the slipup and potentially saved Andrew from a lot of suffering.

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And while disaster was thankfully averted on that particular occasion, one of Riley’s other costars wasn’t quite so fortunate while they were shooting the movie Zola a few years later.

Cast members of Zola being interviewed

Reflecting on her role in the R-rated comedy, Riley admitted that she accidentally injured Nicholas Braun, who’s probably best known for playing Greg Hirsch on Succession.

Close-up of Nicholas at a media event

“There was one day where we were shooting a scene between Nick Braun and I, and I had to throw a phone at him. And I threw it so hard on this take, and it went and hit him in the balls,” Riley remembered with a grimace. “I’ve never felt so bad.”

Close-up of Riley during an interview

After the cameras stopped rolling, Nick was so startled by the hit that he asked Riley if she’d done it on purpose.

Close-up of Nicholas smiling

“I was like, ‘I swear to god…it was an accident and I am so sorry!’” she said, remembering that he was “really hurt.”

Close-up of Nicholas at a media event

Fighting laughter, Riley clarified, “I really hurt him. It’s not funny at all, but it’s funny that he thought I did it on purpose.”

Close-up of Riley during interview

“If you’re watching, Nick, I promise it was an accident,” she said, winking at the camera.

Close-up of Riley during the interview winking

You can watch Riley’s full video here.

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