An Oscars Producer Apologized For Putting Al Pacino In A “Tough Spot” After He Was Accused Of Intentionally Skipping The Best Picture Nominees

“That’s the excitement of live television!”

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There were a ton of talking points from Sunday’s Oscars, and one of the most memorable moments came courtesy of Al Pacino.

Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, and Charles Roven holding their Oscars while standing next to Al Pacino for photos

As you’ll probably know, Al made a special appearance at the end of the night to hand out the final award for Best Picture — and it’s safe to say that his presenting approach sparked quite the conversation.

Al on stage reading the envelope

The confusion surrounding Al’s Best Picture reveal wasn’t helped by the fact he didn’t announce the nominees beforehand, as is the standard procedure. And it wasn’t long before viewers started speculating that he’d taken it upon himself to skip that part on purpose.

Al Pacino smiling in a tuxedo at a formal event with an award statue silhouette in the background

Before long, Al quickly addressed the “controversy” by issuing a statement confirming that it was not his call to exclude the list of nominees.

Man in a dark suit presenting on stage at an awards ceremony
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And amid all the conversation, Oscars producer Molly McNearney confirmed it was “a creative decision” not to have Al read the nominees because they were “very worried that the show was going to be long.”

Group of celebrities on stage at an awards ceremony

That aside, Molly took a moment to address Al’s unusual way of announcing the winner, which she said “made it a little confusing.”

Al Pacino and Christopher Nolan smiling, Nolan holds an award, backstage at the Oscars

Well, if Al’s eyes saw Oppenheimer, ours saw TV greatness, so we’re all winners. You can check out the rest of our Oscars content here.

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