North West Snitched On Kim Kardashian By Telling Kendall Jenner She Didn’t Like Her Met Gala Look

“By the way, North…. Why would you tell Auntie Kendall I hated her outfit?” Kim said during the awkward confrontation.

Once again, North West has been caught spilling the tea.

In this week’s episode of The Kardashians, we went behind the scenes with Kim, Kendall, and Kylie as the trio attended the Met Gala in May.

Also tagging along for the ride were North, Scott, and Penelope Disick, who got an inside look at the behind-the-scenes chaos.

A large portion of the episode was centered around 10-year-old North’s thoughts on Kim’s pearly Schiaparelli gown, which she said looked like it came from the “dollar store.” Ouch.

But despite her criticisms, North was ultimately a fan of her mom’s look, describing her as “gorgeous” as she watched the red carpet livestream from the hotel room.

After the Met was over, Kim decided to skip the infamous afterparties in favor of a night in with North, P, and Scott. However, she first had to air some grievances with her daughter.

For context, you might remember that Kendall honored the Karl Lagerfeld theme by wearing a show-stopping sequin bodysuit to the red carpet, paired with sky-high platform boots — all designed by Marc Jacobs.

Despite being a seasoned attendee of the Met, Kendall confessed during the episode that she was extra nervous this year, particularly about the boots.

“The boots are pretty wild, they are a Marc Jacobs classic,” Kendall said in her confessional. “They’re very tall and they can get kinda wobbly… I’m already 5’11, so I think I’m about 6’7. Literally the tallest person in the room.”

Luckily, during her final fitting, Kendall was supported by Kylie, who acted as her own personal cheerleader as she tried on the look for the last time.

“Kendall, this might be the one,” her sister said as she snapped photographs from across the hotel room. “I think this is a moment, Kendall. Your ass looks amazing.”

And while Kylie was certainly a fan, it sounds like Kim wasn’t so convinced by the pantsless ensemble.

“By the way, North. You need to have some loyalty,” Kim said while confronting her daughter in the hotel room over a slice of post-Met pizza. “When mommy talks shit about people, you cannot go tell them. Why would you tell Auntie Kendall I hated her outfit?”

Providing some context in her confessional, Kendall said that her nieces came to visit her hotel room after the Met was over, showering her in praise.

“Kim, um, was telling me all night, she’s like, ‘No, no, no, no. It’s great, it’s great. Your look is great, I love it, I love it, I love it,’” she began. “And then North and Penelope were in my room after and I go, ‘Oh, guys, who was your favorite of the night?’ And they were like, ‘You were actually our favorite.’”

In response, Kendall told the girls that Kim was a fan of the look too, to which North responded: “She was lying. She told me she did not like your look.”

“I was taken aback,” Kendall said in her confessional. “Whatever, but I was North’s favorite, so that’s all that matters, I guess. And Penelope.”

For her part, Kim attempted to clear up the confusion, saying her in own confessional that there was another version of Kendall's look that she just preferred more.

“What happened was Kendall sent us two options, saying, ‘Which one should I wear? This black and white one, or this all-white one?’ So, I said, ‘Wow, I liked the white one better,’” she said. “And shady little North tells her that.”

Ultimately, Kim used the experience to give her daughter a lesson in family loyalty — a crucial aspect of being in the Kardashian clan.

“There’s like a thing about honesty,” Kim told North back in the hotel room. “And there’s a thing about loyalty, of like, having your momma’s back,” she added.

In return, North made it clear she was just being honest, and argued that Kim ought to have been more specific, saying: “Well you never told me to not tell. I always don’t tell when you say to not tell.”

Of course, if you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you’ll know this isn’t the first time that North has been exposed for spilling family secrets.

During a 2019 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim was forced to do some digging after the news that she and Kanye were expecting a fourth child via surrogate was mysteriously leaked.

“A mom at school texts me and goes ‘Congrats! I heard you're having a baby brother,’” Kim told Kylie, before revealing that her eldest daughter was the secret “informant” all along.

“North has been going around saying she finally has a baby brother so Saint won't bother her anymore,” Kim said. “She's the one who's been selling us out this whole time.”

Well, if she really wants to fix the problem, maybe it’s time to start rolling out the NDAs.

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