People Are Accusing Noah And Braison Cyrus Of Shading Their Mom On Instagram After Skipping Her Wedding, And It Looks Like Tish May Have Just Subtly Responded

Keeping up with the Cyruses…

Tish Cyrus’s recent wedding has sparked speculation that things could be awry between her five children. But first, here’s a quick family tree.

So Tish — mom of Miley Cyrus — was married to Billy Ray Cyrus for nearly 30 years before they announced their divorce in April last year.

Miley with her mom and dad at the Grammys

During their time together, Tish and Billy Ray welcomed three children: daughters Miley, 30, and Noah, 23, and a 29-year-old son named Braison.

Billy Ray and TIsh with four of their kids at the VMAs

Tish also has two older children named Trace, 34, and Brandi, 36, from a previous marriage. However, Billy Ray adopted them in 1993 after he and Tish tied the knot, making him their legal father.

On top of this, Billy Ray also has another 31-year-old son named Christopher, however, he does not have a close relationship to Tish and the Cyrus family.

Miley and her parents at a Recording Academy event

So, fast forward to now, and Tish just married Prison Break star Dominic Purcell in Malibu.

A closeup of Tish

In photographs of the intimate ceremony, which took place on Saturday, you can see that Miley, Trace, and Brandi were a part of the bridal party, while Braison and Noah were nowhere to be seen.

Instead, it looks a lot like Braison and Noah skipped the festivities to spend time together.

Noah, Braison, and their friend pictured at a sleepover with a board game instead of Tish's wedding

As Tish and Dominic’s wedding weekend got underway, Noah posted several Instagram stories of herself and Braison hanging out at Walmart, including one that said that her older brother “flew out” specifically to see her.

Braison reading a menu with a caption on the photo saying "My brother flew here to see me"

It also seemed like Noah was perhaps attempting to diss her mom by posting a photograph of her and Braison in which she’s wearing a T-shirt with Billy Ray’s face on it.

A closeup of Noah in a shirt with her dad on it as she leans on her brother Braison's shoulder

Fans quickly picked up on the siblings’ seemingly “shady” behavior, with some fans accusing Noah of “mocking” Tish.

Tish and Billy Ray with Noah, Brandi, and Miley

To make matters more interesting, Trace — who was at the wedding — appeared to bolster speculation of a divide between the Cyrus siblings on Sunday, by reposting an old photograph of himself, Tish, Miley, and Brandi on his Instagram story.

Notably, Tish reposted the throwback snap on her page too, further hinting that something’s amiss.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Cyruses have been rumored to be feuding.

A closeup of Miley and Noah during happier times

After Tish filed for divorce from Billy Ray in April last year, fans noticed that Noah seemingly blocked her mom on Instagram, leading people to wonder whether she might be siding with her dad amid the split.

Tish and Noah at the Grammys

In spite of this, Noah and Tish seemed to have rekindled their relationship, and they both follow each other on the platform.

Brandi, Noah, Billy Ray and Tish at a SiriusXM event

The last time that Tish posted about Noah on her Instagram page was in February this year, so it’s possible that the two ran into issues as her relationship with Dominic got more serious.

As for Braison, he does not currently follow Tish or half sister Brandi on Instagram.

Braison, Tish, Noah, Billy Ray, and Brandi at an MTV event

Fans of the family have said that Braison and Noah’s absence from Tish’s wedding “speaks volumes” about the current nature of their relationship.

Aside from Trace’s Instagram story, the family hasn't directly commented on the situation. We’ll be sure to let you know if they do.

Trace, Mily, Tish, and Brandi at an event
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