Law Roach Revealed Exactly What He Wants Zendaya To Wear To His Funeral, And I’m Obsessed

Law and Zendaya give “fresh to death” a whole new meaning.

Law Roach has been styling Zendaya for well over a decade now, and it sounds like he hopes to continue into the afterlife, too.

Zendaya and Law Roach at the Met Gala

In a recent appearance on the Fashion Radio podcast, Law talked all about his life and career — and even divulged detailed plans for his own funeral.

Closeup of Law Roach

While speaking to DJ Fat Tony, 45-year-old Law revealed that he’s been planning his funeral “for years” and has set aside money to make sure it’s exactly as he wants.

Closeup of Law Roach

“There is a dress code,” he began, stating the obvious. “I want a PR team. I want Mariah to sing, you know. I want Celine Dion to sing... I have the budget set aside to pay them to perform.”

Closeup of Law Roach and Celine Dion

So, along with Celine and Mariah, Law also said he’s briefed Zendaya, his longtime muse, on precisely what she should wear to his funeral — having even gone as far as to give her reference photos.

Closeup of Zendaya

“I already told Zendaya, you have to have on a sickening black skirt-set,” he said, specifying “a vintage Alexander McQueen for Givenchy with a big hat, with the veil.” “I’ve told her the references — Coretta Scott King at Martin Luther King’s funeral. It’s a thing. I wanna pay for it, and I want it to be long as fuck, like five hours.”

Closeup of Law Roach and Zendaya at the Met Gala

Now, it wasn’t long before fans on X caught word of Law’s plans for Zendaya — and let’s just say, people aren’t exactly surprised.

Law Roach and Zendaya at an event

And while fans were certainly amused by Law’s quotes, the whole thing is ultimately a testament to how much he and Zendaya love working together.

Law Roach and Zendaya at a "Dune: Part Two" premiere

You can listen to Law’s full interview on the Fashion Radio podcast here. And in the meantime, I’ll get started on my funeral mood board.

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