After Kim Kardashian Was Intensely Booed On Stage At Tom Brady’s Roast, Netflix Has Quietly Edited It Out

In the original live broadcast, Kim was booed so intensely when she came on stage that Kevin Hart could be heard trying to control the crowd.

Netflix has stepped in after Kim Kardashian was booed at The Roast of Tom Brady last weekend.

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In case you missed it, Kim appeared during Netflix’s live broadcast of the comedy roast on Sunday. And as she made her way to the stage to raise a toast to the NFL legend, she was met with a harsh reception from the crowd at LA’s Kia Forum.

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During the original live broadcast, Kim attempted to power through with her first joke but was ultimately overpowered by the crowd’s intense jeering, which went on for more than 10 seconds.

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The Skims founder cooly attempted to settle the crowd before host Kevin Hart stepped in to defend her. From his seat off-camera, Kevin could be heard yelling: “Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Eventually, Kim got on with her jokes and managed to win the audience over by the end. But, despite her successful recovery, it appears that Netflix decided to edit out the rough start to her set.

Kim Kardashian at the podium during Tom Brady's roast

A source told the Hollywood Reporter that the boos were the only thing relating to Kim to be edited out from the updated special — which came as a surprise to some, considering the controversial jokes leveled at her throughout the night.

Burt Kreischer and Tom Segura onstage at the roast of Tom Brady

Though the roast was centered around Tom, Kim wound up being the butt of several jokes, including one delivered by Tony Hinchcliffe, where he talked about her past sexual partners and advised she “close [her] legs.”

Tony Hinchcliffe onstage at the Roast of Tom Brady

The entire joke — which is too disgusting to include but can be found here — was immediately met with backlash on X, with critics calling out the “blatant misogyny” and vulgarity.

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In light of the intense criticism, some were surprised that Netflix hadn't removed it along with the booing.

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BuzzFeed has reached out to Kim Kardashian’s representative for comment, as well as a spokesperson for Netflix.

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