Kieran Culkin Revealed He Never Watched The “Succession” Finale Because He Couldn’t Sign In To His Max Account To Stream It

Good luck avoiding those spoilers, Kieran.

We’ve all got that one friend who’s always behind on the biggest shows. Although it’s not often that that friend stars in the show in question.

Sarah Snooks, Alan Ruck, Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, and Kieran Culkin on the red carpet

During a Succession Q&A discussion on Tuesday, Kieran Culkin — who stars in the hit drama as Roman Roy — confessed that he’s not actually seen the series finale yet.

Kieran accepting his Emmy onstage

If, like Kieran, you haven’t kept up with HBO’s Succession, it was announced back in February 2023 that the show’s fourth season would be its last, with creator Jesse Armstrong explaining that the decision felt “natural.”

Jesse Armstrong and the cast and crew accepting an Emmy

Of course, this meant that with each episode of the final series, anticipation to finally discover which member of the Roy family would become CEO of the Waystar Royco empire only grew more intense, culminating in an epic season finale, which aired on May 28 to widespread critical acclaim.

A closeup of Jeremy as Kendall Roy

However, nearly eight months later, it seems that a certain member of the Succession cast has been too busy to tune in for the show’s final moments.

“I was in Poland and I couldn’t sign into my Max account,” Kieran told the audience at this week’s Q&A panel alongside his castmates, emphasizing that the decision wasn’t purposeful.

“It was an app issue. Then I went on vacation, then after that I was like, eh, that was like three months ago,” he said, accounting for why he’s still never found time to sit down and catch up with the rest of the world. “I want to go back and see it.”

And while it was Tom Wambsgans who eventually took the Waystar crown in the fictional world, the rest of the Succession crew haven’t been doing too badly either.

Matthew McaFadyen, Sarah Snooks, and Kieran Culkin posing with their individual Emmys

If you’ve been following awards season, you’ll know that Succession has pretty much been the TV show to beat.

At the Golden Globes on Jan. 7, the show took home best drama, tying with The X-Files and Mad Men for the most wins ever in that category, with three awards each.

And on the same night, the show’s cast were just as successful, with Kieran, Sarah Snook (Shiv Roy), and Matthew MacFadyen (Tom) dominating in their respective acting categories.

Matthew McaFadyen, Sarah Snooks, and Kieran Culkin  posing with their individual Golden Globes

The fun then rolled over to the Critics Choice Awards last weekend, where Succession was crowned Best Drama, while Kieran and Sarah reigned triumphant yet again, taking home Best Actor and Actress in a Drama Series.

Which brings us to this week’s Emmys, where Succession tied with The Bear as the most awarded show of the night.

Along with the top prize for Outstanding Drama Series, Jesse Armstrong took home the Emmy for Best Writing, while Mark Mylod won for directing.

And once again, Kieran, Sarah, and Matthew cleaned up the acting categories, with Kieran generating one of the most viral moments of the evening in his emotional acceptance speech.

After expressing his thanks to his fellow cast and crew members, Kieran reserved a special mention for his wife, Jazz Charlton.

Kieran poses on the red carpet with his wife Jazz

“Thank you for sharing your life with me and giving me two amazing kids,” he said, suddenly adding: “I want more. You said ‘maybe’, if I win! I love you so much.”

The camera then cut to show Jazz in the audience, covering her face in what appeared to be an emotional mixture of shock and complete elation.

Later in the night, Kieran addressed the public reaction to his comment, acknowledging that it may have been “rude” of him to discuss the matter on the world stage, literally.

Explaining the backstory during a press conference, the actor said he had been “asking for a while” about having another baby, to which Jazz had said, “Maybe if you win the Emmy.”

“I didn’t bring it up for months and, when I won the [Golden] Globe, I said, ‘Do you remember what you said?’ and she went, ‘No, what? What did I say? I don’t remember this,’” he recalled.

“Then I told her and it all came back to her, so then she spent the whole week being nervous and, instead of talking to her in private like a human, I just blasted her on stage, which was very rude,” he said. “That’s it, that’s the whole story — the end.”

You can watch Kieran’s full Emmys speech here.

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