Cardi B Defended Herself After Referring To The Designer Of Her Met Gala Dress As “Asian” Instead Of Using His Name

“So I had a lot of things on my mind, and I was being rushed to the front of the line,” said Cardi, who wore a dress designed by Sensen Lii of Windowsen.

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Cardi B is setting the record straight on her Met Gala mishap.

Cardi B poses with a towering updo and extravagant black gown, accessorized with sparkling jewelry

In case you missed it, Cardi made a grand entrance at Monday’s Met Gala in a sprawling black tulle dress — so big it needed to be carried by seven people as she made her way to the red carpet.

Cardi B on Met Gala stairs in voluminous black gown with assistants adjusting the train

The gown was designed by Sensen Lii, the founder of the Chinese label, Windowsen. However, Cardi seemingly forgot this when Vogue’s reporter for the night, Emma Chamberlain, asked her who made the dress, remembering only that the designer was “Asian and everything.”

Emma Chamberlain interviewing Cardi B at the Met Gala
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Being that the Met Gala is such a huge opportunity for designers to platform their talents, Cardi’s failure to appropriately credit Sensen Lii and Windowsen sparked a massive backlash online, with people on X calling her response “sad and disrespectful.”

Cardi B at the Met Gala

And as the backlash continued to mount online, Cardi jumped in to defend herself, explaining that her mind was “racing” and she didn’t want to “be offensive” by mispronouncing the designer’s name.

Cardi B wears a sparkling black dress with a plunging neckline and a statement necklace

Moreover, the 31-year-old responded directly to Cheah’s criticism, saying: “You’re trying to offend me, but you’re actually offending the people that work behind the scenes.”

Soon after, Cardi took to Instagram to thank everyone at Windowsen, giving Sensen Lii a specific shoutout: “I chose you because of your amazing talent and you came through really making this Met Gala a night to remember.”

Cardi B in a voluminous black gown with a fitted bodice, posing on stairs; text overlay thanks Met Gala sponsor

You can watch her original Vogue interview here.

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