Which Pundits Stood With Rand Paul?

Rand Paul's filibuster made for strange bedfellows in the punditocracy. Here's a breakdown ranked from most supportive of Rand to least.

Glenn Beck

"Rand Paul is standing for Americans & the Constitution, not self-interest. Regardless of party, all should be thankful."

Mark Levin

"The future is the man on the senate floor leading a filibuster."

Rush Limbaugh

"Meanwhile the Republican establishment is out playing footsie with Obama at a restaurant. … This illustrates the contrast between the new stars of the Republican party and yesterday's mashed potatoes."

Laura Ingraham

"I've been on cloud nine. It was great day for this country." "But where were the Republicans that didn't show up and where were the Democrats that were so afraid of Obama that they didn't show up?"

Sean Hannity

"I commend the senator for having the courage to stand up and do the right thing. Until we get answers, John Brennan does not belong near Langley."

Piers Morgan

"I feel like I'm totally on Rand Paul's side for what he's doing. I'm not necessarily agreeing. What he's doing is democracy at its best and he's a courageous politician making a stand."

Cenk Uygur

"Courageous effort by Rand Paul today. He made believers out of some people and shined a light into the darkness."

"Just because I disagree with Rand Paul on 90% of issues, does that mean I have to disagree with him on the other 10%? To spite him?"

Jon Stewart

"Drone oversight is ... certainly worth kicking up a fuss for."

Chris Hayes

Joe Scarborough

"Whether you're a liberal or conservative watching Rand Paul, I think you had to kind of admire the guy for really going out there and fighting for what he believed in."

Rachel Maddow

"There is something important about the United States congress finding its footing and wanting to assert its role, its oversight role in where and why and how our country wages war." "Despite its craven partisanship and Rand Paul's frequent and gratuitous Hitler references, because Rand Paul cannot help himself, congress demanding to play its part in matters of war is, in broad strokes, the way congress is supposed to work."

Fox And Friends

Steve Doocey: "So many people across the country felt what he was doing was a real public service because he was saying essentially, 'Hey, did you know this administration says they can kill Americans on American soil without due process?'"

Gretchen Carlson: "It is an interesting discussion, but I don't know if it is quite so black and white."

Brian Kilmeade: "If al-Awlaki is sitting in a restaurant and we know he is as vile as bin Laden — and possibly more cunning — and he turns up in disguise, and for some reason he walks out and…we can't get a direct shot at him, we can shoot him out of the sky…I want my president to have the ability to do that."

Greg Gutfeld

"I love that he is fighting drones with drones. He is just going to drone for hours and hours. Genius. By the way, I think his name should go from Rand Paul to Rand perm."

Shep Smith

"Rand Paul still talking, just crossed eight hours. And breaking news is he's holding a blue pen."

The Wall Street Journal

"Calm down, Senator. Mr. Holder is right, even if he doesn't explain the law very well."

Lawrence O'Donnell

"Even Rand Paul knows that what he is doing is just a stunt."

Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly did not mention Paul's filibuster even though it was happening during his 8 p.m. Fox News show.