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What The World Was Like The Last Time Someone From This Michigan Family Wasn't On The Ballot

In 1932, Democrat John Dingell Sr. won a House seat; his son, John Jr., won that seat in 1955; in 2014, John Jr.'s wife is running for it.

Posted on August 6, 2014, at 12:06 p.m. ET

In 1930...

Dorothea Lange / Public Domain

• The Great Depression of the United States was just beginning.

• President Hoover asked Congress for a $150 million public works program to help stimulate the economy.

• Alcohol was still prohibited in the U.S.

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• The Mickey Mouse comic strip made its debut.

• Warner Brothers began producing the Looney Tunes animated films.

The Shadow radio series started airing in the U.S.

• Betty Boop appeared in an animated film for the first time.


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• The first cow to ever fly in an airplane also became the first cow milked during a flight.

• Boeing Air Transport, later United Air Lines, hired Ellen Church, a nurse, to become the world's first flight attendant.

• The Moon achieved perigee with Earth. It won't happen again until 2257.

• The 3M company started selling Scotch Tape to U.S. consumers.

• Hostess invented the Twinkie.

• Pluto was discovered and classified as a planet.


• Buzz Aldrin was born.

• Neil Armstrong was born.

• George Steinbrenner was born.

• Princess Margaret was born.

• Hafez al-Assad was born.

• Arlen Specter was born.

• Harvey Milk was born.

• Ali al-Sistani was born.

• Geroge Soros was born.

• Warren Buffet was born.

• Ross Perot was born.

• Tom Wolfe was born.

• Ornette Coleman was born.

• Pat Robertson was born.

• Stephen Sonheim was born.

• Sean Connery was born.

• Gena Rowlands was born.

• Steve McQueen was born.

• Gene Hackman was born.

• Clint Eastwood was born.

• Sandra Day O'Connor was born.

• James Baker was born.

• G. Gordon Liddy was born.

• Sonny Rollins was born.

• Odetta was born.

• Jean-Luc Godard was born.

• Shel Silverstein was born.

• Anton LaVey was born.

• Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died.

Ada Deane / Via

• Trujillo began his tyrannical rule of the Dominican Republic, while a military coup happened in Argentina, and a military junta took control of Peru.

• Purna Swaraj (complete self-rule independent of the U.K.) was declared in India, but the British did not transfer power until 1947.

• The Nazis became the second-largest political party in Germany.

• Marxists Vietnamese groups came together at a conference in Hong Kong to establish The Communist Party of Vietnam.


• The Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues became the first big-league baseball team to play night games under artificial lights.

• France's Lucien Laurent scored the first goal in FIFA World Cup history and Uruguay defeated Argentina to became the first World Cup champions.

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• The first televised commercial aired in the United States.

• The "Hayes Code" began its 40-year reign as the motion picture industry's guide for censoring films in the U.S.

• Danish painter Lili Elbe traveled to Germany for gender-reassignment surgery.

• Constantinople was officially renamed Istanbul.