Trump Got Some Fairly Awkward Silence At This One Line In His UN Speech

*taps mic* Is this thing on?

President Donald Trump used his first UN address on Tuesday to sharply criticize "rogue regimes," including North Korea and Iran.

He also had some fairly tough words for Venezuela, whose socialist government has tightened its grip on power in recent months despite widespread economic collapse.

"The Venezuelan people are starving and their country is collapsing. Their democratic institutions are being destroyed. The situation is completely unacceptable, and we cannot stand by and watch," Trump said of his decision to impose sanctions on the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

"We call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela," the president said to applause.

the line ~right~ before was met with applause

But the very next line received, err, a different response.

"The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented," Trump said to prolonged silence from those in the General Assembly.

People were pretty obsessed with the awkwardness.

President Trump just paused his UN speech for what he thought was an applause line and like two people clapped. It was awkward.

Trump: The problem is socialism. *pauses for applause* *pauses* -that awkward UN silence.

@davidmackau When you bag on socialism at the UN but forget most developed countries are socialist (including your…

Some thought they could even hear laughter in the crowd, many of whom hail from socialist countries.

There was legitimately a 10 second awkward pause where you could hear a good portion of the UN laughing at Trump.

Trump: "socialism has been faithfully implemented." Holds for applause. Gets awkward laughter from a lot of...happy socialists

@davidmackau As a Scandinavian.. I just learned that I'm living under suppressive regime. I guess I learned it just…

But others wondered how left-leaning leaders might be feeling.

@davidmackau . @jeremycorbyn and the @UKLabour Party be like:

The awkward silence reminded a BUNCH of people of Jeb Bush.

"Please clap."

But others got more of a Larry David vibe...

this is worse than anything from Curb Your Enthusiasm even - and after The Handshake

Or even The Simpsons...

"The problem is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented"

Many people on Twitter agreed with the president's line, however, blaming socialism for Venezuela's many ills.

This is wonderful. Trump should have stood for 5 silent minutes until every single one of them was forced to applau…

@davidmackau The response to it was a bit awkward but i don't see a problem with what he said

@davidmackau @billpostmus Speaks volumes about the #UNGA members! Lots of them are Despots, Dictators, Communists,…

@davidmackau Bravo ... The BEST speech by a US President at the UN ever. Straight talk for a change instead of globalist platitudes.

Although his speech on Tuesday argued countries should put their own citizens first, Trump has previously said the US would consider military options to end the suffering in Venezuela.